How do I configure mail for Android?

This FAQ article provides an overview of Email Account settings for c4 customers, if you are setting up an account on your Android based device. Devices running Android currently include Samsung, HTC, and Droid.

Manually Configuring your Email Account

  1. Open the device's email application.
  2. Press Menu and tap Add Account.
  3. Type your Email address and Password, and click Next.
  4. Tap POP3. The security setting for POP3 should be None.
  5. Use these settings for your Incoming Mail Server :
    Username = Enter your full email address.
    Password = Enter your email account password (provided to you by c4).
    POP3 Server = for an Email Account ~ OR ~ for hosted domains (i.e.
    Port = 110.
  6. Use these settings for your Outgoing Mail Server :
    SMTP server = for an Email Account ~ OR ~ for hosted domains (i.e.
    Port = 587
    Security Type = None
  7. Select Require sign-in.
  8. Make sure your Username and Password are correct. Tap Next.
  9. Tap Next again. Name your account and enter the name you want to display on outgoing messages.
  10. Tap Done.

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