How do I configure mail for Entourage?

This FAQ article provides an overview of Email Account settings for c4 customers, if you are setting up an account in Entourage. Depending on what type Email Account you are setting up (an account or an @yourdomain account), you may need to provide slightly different information. These differences are described below.

Before attempting to setup your Email Account in Entourage, make sure that you have a live Internet connection and that you have installed the latest Windows updates available. To test your Internet connection, try browsing to and make sure the headlines are current. To check that you have the latest Windows updates, go to the Microsoft Update website.

Manually Configuring your Email Account

  1. Open Entourage.
  2. Select Tools > Accounts from the File menu.
  3. From the Mail tab click New.
  4. In the "Account Setup Assistant" box, type your name. This is the name that users see when they receive messages from you.
  5. Click the arrow to advance to the next screen.
  6. In the "Your E-mail Address" box, enter your full Email Address, and then click the arrow to advance to the next screen.
  7. In the "Mail Servers" dialog box, click "POP3" from the "My Incoming Mail Server" list.
  8. In the "Incoming mail server" box, enter for an Email Account ~ OR ~ enter for all other c4 Email Accounts.
  9. In the "Outgoing mail" box, enter for an Email Account ~ OR ~ enter for all other c4 Email Accounts.
  10. In the "Account ID" box, enter your User Name that c4 provides you (the part of your Email Address that appears before the @ symbol).
  11. In the "Password" box, type your password that c4 provides you. The Save Password option is automatically selected.
  12. In the "Account Name" box, type a descriptive name for the account.
  13. Click "Finish".
  14. From the Tools menu, click "Accounts".
  15. Click on the "Account Name" you created above in step 12, then click "Edit".
  16. Click on the "Account Settings" tab.
  17. In the "Sending Mail" dialog box, click "Click here for advanced sending options".
  18. Under "Override default SMTP port" change from "25" to "587".
  19. Check the box for "SMTP Server Requires Authentication".
  20. Click "Finish".

*If port 587 does not work, try using port 25, if neither of these port settings work, contact your ISP provider for further assistance (Verizon or Comcast).

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