How do I configure SmarterStats to exclude WP Admin?

SmarterStats will display data for your WordPress website and the WordPress Administrative area by default. The WordPress Administrative (WP Admin) area is where your WordPress web developer logs in and makes any changes or updates to your website. It may be useful to exclude the WP Admin data while viewing the SmarterStats data, so that you can instead focus on the website visitor activity. The following instructions walk you through how to make changes to your SmarterStats account settings to essentially group and hide the WP Admin data from view using a Filter Set.

Please note the instructions provided assume you have WordPress installed in your root directory. You should name the WordPress files and directory or directories to exclude according to how WordPress is installed on your web diretory.

  1. Log into SmarterStats.
  2. Select Settings (the gear icon) from the menu on the left.
  3. Click on the Filter Sets menu item under "My Settings"
  4. Click on the New button.
  5. Assign the filter a logical value, for example "WordPress", in the Filter Name field.
  6. Enter the values (one value per line) for all WordPress Administrative data you wish to hide into the Filters field. For example, enter \wp-login.php and \wp-admin\ to hide this file and sub directory.
  7. Place a check next to "Mark as default filter set".
  8. Click on the Save button.
WordPress Administrative Filter Set in SmarterStats
Configuring a WordPress Administrative Area Filter in SmarterStats

Now when you look at the SmarterStats reports, the WordPress Administrative data will be hidden from view by default. If you want to view the WordPress Admin data now hidden, simply change the Filter Set value to "None" and then click on "Generate Report" for the report you wish to view.

You can follow the same example above to create additional Filter Sets to hide any additional files and/or directories that you wish to exclude from view in SmarterStats.

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