How do I create a secure password? is auditing all Email Accounts to ensure they have secure passwords. As part of this process, you may receive communication from us requesting you to make your password secure. Having a secure password is in everyone's best interest, as it helps reduce spam, improves mail delivery, and also improves security. This FAQ will provide guidance on creating a secure password.

Our recommendation when choosing your Email Account password is to use a strong password, and not to use the same password for all online accounts you have (e.g., email, banking, etc.). By "strong" we mean that it contains at least 6 characters and that it contains a combination of numbers, uppercase, lowercase and special characters. Special characters can include: !,@,#,$,*,[,(.

Here is a list of recommendations to consider when creating your secure password:

  • The password MUST be at least 6 characters long.
  • The password SHOULD be at least 8 characters long.
  • The password MUST contain some combination of letters, numbers, punctuation and/or spaces.
  • The password CAN be multiple words.
  • The password MUST be different than the user name.
  • The password MUST NOT be "password".
  • The password MUST NOT be a dictionary word such as "princess", "angel", "baseball", "shadow", "monkey", etc.
  • The password MUST NOT be a proper name such as the name of a person ("Michael", "Jennifer", "Jordan"), place ("Canada", "Austin"), sports team, car model ("Mustang"), etc.
  • The password SHOULD NOT contain personal information such as the person's name, date of birth, pet name, PIN, etc.
  • The password MUST NOT be a keyboard pattern such as "qwerty" or "12345678".
  • The password SHOULD NOT be a commonly used password such as "iloveyou", "rockyou", "babygirl", "letmein", "master", "access", "trustno1", etc.

The following online articles give examples of the most commonly used passwords. We recommend you avoid using any of the commonly used passwords found in these articles:

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