How do I add an email address or domain to the Trusted Senders List?

Email Addresses (e.g., or entire domains (e.g., can be added to your Trusted Senders list. Once you have added an email address or domain to your Trusted Senders list, future emails received from the address or domain will bypass all spam filtering set up for the account. Note that for any email that you unmark as spam, the email address it came from will automatically get added to your Trusted Senders list.

To Add an Email Address or Domain to the Trusted Senders List

  1. Log into Web mail.
  2. Select Settings (the gears icon) from the menu on the left.
  3. Under My Settings, select Trusted Senders.
  4. Click the New button to add a new email address or domain.
  5. Enter the email address or domain into the Value field.
  6. Click the Save button.
Adding an email or domain to Trusted Senders
Adding an Email or Domain to Trusted Senders in SmarterMail

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