How do I configure Windows Live Mail?

This FAQ article provides an overview of Email Account settings for c4 customers, if you are setting up an account in Windows Live Mail. Depending on what type Email Account you are setting up (an account or an @yourdomain account), you may need to provide slightly different information. These differences are described below.

Manually configuring your Email Account

  1. From the File Menu, choose Options, then click on @ Email Accounts
  2. Click the Add button
  3. Choose Email Account and click the Next button
  4. On the Add your Email Accounts screen, enter the following information:
    • (!) At the bottom of the Add your email accounts window, click the checkbox next to Manually configure server settings
    • Type your email address in the Email Address box
    • Type your password in the Password box
    • Type your name in the Display name for your sent messages box
    • Click the Next button
  5. On the Configure Server Settings screen, enter the following
  6. Under the Incoming Server Information section:
    • Server Type : POP
    • Server Address :
    • Authenticate using : Authenticated POP (APOP)
    • Logon user name :
  7. Under the Outgoing Server Information section:
    • (!) Change the port from 25 to 587
    • (!) Check the box next to Requires Authentication
    • Server Address :
  8. Press the Finish button
  9. On the Accounts screen:
    • Click on the email account you just created, then click the properties button
    • Click on the Advanced Tab, and check the box next to Remove from server after 5 days
    • Press the OK button
    • Press the Close button

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