How do I configure FTPS for FileZilla?

For security reasons, we recently changed our policy for connecting to c4 web servers via FTP. You must now use FTPS vs. the former FTP which was supported. We recommend using a program like FileZilla to connect to our web servers via FTPS. This FAQ provides information on setting up FTPS for FileZilla.

  1. From the File menu, click Site Manager.
  2. Click the New Site button.
  3. FileZilla New Site Screenshot
    New Site window in FileZilla

  4. In the left panel, give the new site a name you will recognize (e.g.,
  5. In the right Panel, on the General tab, supply the following information:
    Host =
    Port = 21
    Protocol = "FTP - File Transfer Protocol"
    Encryption = "Require explicit FTP over TLS"
    Logon Type = Normal
    Username = (your FTP username)
    Password = (your FTP password)
  6. FileZilla Site Settings Screenshot
    FTPS Connection Site Settings in FileZilla

  7. Press the OK button.
  8. Press the Connect button.

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